About Us

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PricePi is an online search engine for e-commerce, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.
With more than 250 million products indexed from over 130 000 merchants worldwide, we let you shop the entire internet from one site. We currently have a strong presence in Sweden, Norway, the U.K, the U.S, and Australia and we are quickly expanding throughout the world.

To use PricePi, simply search for whatever product you want to buy and you will get lots of alternatives on where you can buy the product you are searching for. You can then filter the results on price, colour and category or even on specific merchants.

PricePi.com is an independent service working for the best interest of the consumer. We present the most relevant results for the consumer and will never put commercial interests before relevancy for the consumer.

For Merchants

Our mission is to give consumers the best possible experience when shopping online. We want to help them find the products they are interested in from as many merchants as possible.
Being a merchant indexed on PricePi.com will increase the traffic to your site and since consumers have been searching for specific products on PricePi and been presented with many options before moving on to your site, conversion is normally very high.

Although we never will compromise relevancy for the consumer and put commercial interests in the first place, there are ways for merchants to increase traffic received by PricePi.com. We do this with a product called PiBoost that prioritizes the search results from your webshop before other similar merchants, as long as your product is as relevant as the other search results.

To find out more about the PiBoost product you can register your own account on our merchant portal below. In the portal you will also have the opportunity to see how much traffic PricePi sends your site as well as what queries consumers have done on PricePi before coming to your site, information that can be very valuable to your company and that we provide completely free of charge.

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