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9780201419726 a programmers guide to sound
9780201419726 a programmers guide to sound
The publisher of this title is Longman Group.  Publisher:: Longman Group Published In:: 1997 ISBN-10:: 0201419726 ISBN-13:: 9780201419726 Binding Type:: Paperback Weight:: 1.95 lbs Pages:: pp. 646 $ 48.31Save $ 1.6802014197269780201419726pp. 646$ 46.73$ 38.90$ 45.46$ 55.20$ 42.82$ 54.991.95 lbs$ 46.99$ 49.99$ 49.99$ 44.99A Programmer's Guide to SoundTim KientzleProgramming Ruby The Prag ...David ThomasThe Programmer's Guide to ...Brian SawertThe Jiro(TM) Technology P ...Paul MondayThe Pragmatic ProgrammerAndrew Hunt, Da ...Essential XML Quick Refer ...Aaron Skonnard, ...Developing Applications W ...Jamison Wesolow ...Tim KientzleLongman GroupLongman GroupUsually Ships in. The publisher of this title is is written by 
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