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ata26gam0348 hunt & score @
ata26gam0348 hunt & score @
Hunt & Score, Atari, Text Label, Cartridge only, 1978, Board Game, 1 or 2 players. Also known as A Game of Concentration, Hunt & Score has gamers turning over cards two at a time (on a board of 16 or 32 cards) in hopes of getting a matching pair of rangers, cCards that don’t match must be turned back over, so it’s important to memorize what cards those were. Matched cards are kept, and the player with the most cards at the end wins. Kids will have a good time with this. Requires Keyboard Controllers sold separately.  ATA26GAM0348 - Hunt & Score @ Atari2600.comATA26GAM0348 - Hunt & Score$3.95ATA26CON0062 - Keyboard ControllersKeyboard Controllers, Atari, CX-50, Used pairATA26GAM0348 - Hunt & Score$4.95ATA26GAM0348 - Hunt & ScoreRelated Items
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