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belarusian talking text translator expandable electronic dictionary
belarusian talking text translator expandable electronic dictionary
T-88, Belarusian - Breakthrough in the Text Translation Technology! How does the T-88, Belarusian work?How does the T-88, Belarusian compare to other electronic translators?  T-88, Belarusian• How does the T-88, Belarusianand press compare to other electronic translators?More Languages (80+)T-88, Belarusian -- 10 English Lessons and English -- 15 English Classic Novels with -- 220 English Encyclopedic articles -- English Verb Conjugation 7,000 -- Englishg Noun Inflection 30,000 headwords. -- English Adjective Inflection 12,000 -- English Synonym 15,000 words,T-88, Belarusian One [1] Year WarrantyBuy 3 products or more in a pack, and save up to12 Language Card• Package Size: [8 in. xT-88, Belarusian*$199.95Special Price0 countr $219.95with Single & 12 Language CardsBelarusian talking text translator expandable electronicBelarusian English electronic dictionary digital portable talking textAsianal  English. Urdu. •lkin  • Belarusian-English Dictionary • covers most common • Speaks all English Phrasesach word. of Self-Combination in Text Translation,Display Belarusian languageary conta in both:English PhoneticCyrillic and English input me PhoneticSpecial Pricelarusian English. German. French. Spanish.English. Russian. Polish. Czech.English. Greek. Turkish. Hebrew. |meelectronic dictionarySoftware UpdateUser Manuals This offer • Belarusian-English Dictionary -- English Irregular Verb Dictionary -- English Vocabulary, TOEFL, IELTS, -- English Tests, TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, -- Game Tests of Conjumania, Guess thePower and Battery Life:English. Urdu. Hindi. Nepali.talking textic translatoryour name and the serial number locatedAudio Voice Samplesbrowse & listen all languagesExpandable dictionary and text translator -possible to add more languages using • Generates back an understandable • Optional Computer Pronunciation • Adjustable audio speedGrammarUser ScreenFree SoftwareMaster Card* Visa card*Bank Wire Transfer*Asian cardEnglish. Chinese. Japanese. Korean. Thai. Cambodian.Lao. Myanmar. Malay. Indonesian.Euro cardEast Euro cardEurasian cardIndia African cardWelcomeLoading the player ... Talking Expandable Dictionarymore info & pictures [click here]Oxford English - EnglishPronunciation :Organizer / ToolsMultimedia:Packing Details:addDanish.Romanian.Afrikaans.- Select LanguageShanghainese [Chinese] Language
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