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bowling and basketball at portsmouth new hampshire marine corps association
bowling and basketball at portsmouth new hampshire marine corps association
Winter sports at this post are in full swing, with bowling and basketball most popular. In bowling (candle pins) some twenty-five or thirty men are taking part. A weekly match is rolled by five four-man teams, with three cartons of cigarettes as a prize to the winning team. Believe me, the competition is fierce. Trumpeter Ross is the organizer of the matches and he has a job on his hands. Teams are revamped for each match according to season's averages, in order to make the matches as even as possible. High scorers are Trumpeter Ross, Cpl.  April 1934Volume 17, Issue 4Inside the September 2014 Marine Corps GazetteOn Duty August 1, 2014 Leatherneck April 1934On Duty: April 8th – April 15thBowling and Basketball at Portsmouth, New Hampshire | Marine Corps AssociationBowling and Basketball at Portsmouth, New HampshirePhilly Quintet Closes SeasonBill SparksGeneral Ben H. Fuller Retires...Bowling and Basketball at Portsmouth, New HampshireThousands Of Runners Pass Through Historic City For Marine Corps Half MarathonThe Old Gunny Says ...The Combat Tracking TeamMatthew A DayJust the Depression, MaybeThey Work to Live"Nig" ClarkLeatherneck Magazine DepartmentsCorps ConnectionsIn Every Clime and PlacePassing the WordCrazy CaptionBooks ReviewedReader AssistanceSaved RoundExpandSea StoriesGyrene GynglesIn the Highest TraditionLeatherneck LineIn Memoriam
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