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large garnet tbsgarnetlar
large garnet tbsgarnetlar
This is the vacated homes of small sea creatures. Metaphysical Beliefs, All Shells contain the energy of the god of the sea, provides boundless growth in all endeavors, stimulates intuition, sensitivity, imagination and adaptaIt enhances clarity in mental processes, provides insight related to decision making, promotes cooperation between self and others and can help bind groups together. Abalone Shell, enhances smudging actions, brings continuity and stability, stimulates fertility of mind and body and protects against uncooperative attitudes and actions. Astrological Sign is Pisces, Number Vibration is 2 and 7.  HomeRock ShopTumbled StonesLarge Garnet Bloodstone, .75 to 1 in. a.k.a. Heliotrope, It is a variety of Quartz occurring in massive formations usually green with flecks of red. Metaphysical Beliefs, grounds, revitalizes love, relationships, friendships, improves ones talents, enhances creative efforts, dispels bewilderment and facilitates communications with ancestors. Bloodstone is associated with the Root and He$1.25Blue Lace Agate, a.k.a. Namibia Blue Agate Blue Lace Agate, .75 to 1 in. Metaphysical Beliefs, Excellent stone for going within and becoming aware of the highest vibrations of love, light and energy. Very helpful with the upper chakras in keeping them active and energized. Blue Lace Agate is associated with the Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakras. Astrological Sign i$2.60$4.75$2.60Ships within 24 hours.$7.95$1.00$1.00TBSGARNETLARAmetrineBloodstoneLemon Verbena Palm Wax VotivePremium PatchouliLarge GarnetAventurineBlue Lace AgateBlue Tiger EyeButterfly Goddess Pewter PendantBloodstoneLarge GarnetAmberLarge GarnetFire (Passion) Feng Shui Palm Wax Votive CandleLarge GarnetLarge GarnetLarge GarnetLarge GarnetLarge GarnetLarge GarnetLarge GarnetCustomers Also Purchased
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