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illustrated dictionary of environmental studies fredd micheals lotus press 9788189093327
illustrated dictionary of environmental studies fredd micheals lotus press 9788189093327
If anyone had to differentiate the closing decades of 20th century from other periods in history, surely acute environmental consciousness and a concern for ecology would be onPartly as a result of Green groups’ activities, partly due to the explosion of information about the harm we have already done to the environment, all other issues got tThe scientific study of environment is not very old. It draws on geology and physics for its theoretical basis, but the application of these principles to practical affairs is difficult and complex.  HomeBooksIllustrated Dictionary of Environmental Studies Australia and New Zealand: 7-12 business days Middle East and Gulf: 7-12 business days Singapore & Hong Kong: 7-10 business days United Kingdom: 7-10 business days Europe: 7-12 business days USA and Canada: 7-15 business days South America: 7-18 business days All other countries: 7-15 business days Illustrated Dictionary of Environmental Studies, , Fredd Micheals, , Fredd Micheals, Lotus Press, 97881890933279788189093327208p., Figures; Plates; 22cm.BB17882Medicinal Plants: Biodiversity, Conservation and Traditional Knowledge (In 4 Volumes)116,10Air Pollution Control in Industries (In 2 Volumes)79,20174,6081,90214,2001.01.2004, 1st ed.101,70261,0057,6052,2036,9015,30225,0029,70Fredd Micheals (Editor)Fredd Micheals (Compiler)Overview for Illustrated Dictionary of Environmental StudiesUncertainty on a Himalayan Scale: An Institutional Theory of Environmental Perception and a Strategic Framework for the Sustainable Development of the HimalayaLandscape Change in the Nepal Hills: Evidence from LamjungCities: Steering Towards SustainabilityAlternative forms of farming in IndiaNanotechnology in EnvironmentEcology and Environment in the HimalayasIllustrated Dictionary of Environmental StudiesFredd Micheals (Editor)Fredd Micheals (Compiler)Oceans: The New Frontier Climate Change, Biodiversity and Food Security in the South Asian RegionNational Atlas of India (Volume VIII): Environment, Science & TechnologyEnvironmental Changes and Natural DisastersIllustrated Dictionary of Environmental StudiesEcology & EnvironmentIllustrated Dictionary of Chemical EngineeringLotus PressIllustrated Dictionary of Civil EngineeringSustainable Development of Urban InfrastructureEnvironmental Security: Human and Animal HealthTravel, Tourism and Eco-TourismIllustrated Dictionary of Electrical Engineering
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