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will the iphone 5c help apples global sales? live fashion music lifestyle
will the iphone 5c help apples global sales? live fashion music lifestyle
Whatever the latest version of the handset is has been the best-selling phone for years, often jockeying for that distinction with whatever the latest model of the Samsung GalaBut in terms of total handsets sold, Apple continues to lag behind Samsung and even Nokia, which dominate in many overseas markets.   on August 21, 2013 – 8:17 amBut the real prize is China. Cellphones are incredibly popular in Asia, where landlines weren’t always availble, allowing cellphone infrastructure to storm in during the last few decades. And with 1.1 billion potential customers and a burgeoning middle class, China is a target for all retailers- including phone makers.Apple continues to lag behind SamsungRomain Dilletexplains how European carriers long ago abandonedInstead of seducing customers with cheap subsidized phones, young and scrappy carriers like Free chose to lure customers away from expensive plans, and it worked. These new plans weren’t just marginally cheaper, they were one-half to one-third the cost.The Guardianmore than a third of all global smartphones are sold in China- and manufacturers like Xiaomi, which are unheard of in the West, are outselling Apple in that country.According to TechnologyBen Glaser
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