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plutona #5 image
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bruce lee poster 5 image martial arts supplies
Arts and Crafts
AUD 10
  Bruce Lee Poster 5 Image - Giri Martial Arts SuppliesBJJ Kids
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buy cokin p201 multi image 5 filter best price online
AUD 142
 Home/ Cokin P201 Multi-Image 5 Filter Buy Cokin P201 Multi-Image 5 Filter best price online | Camera WarehouseCokin P201 Multi-Image 5 FilterThe Cokin P201 Multi-Image is a unique special effects filter that Cokin P201 Multi-Image 5 Filter$142.0085 x 85 mmCokin P201 Multi-Image 5 Filter$142.0012 Months Genuine Warranty with Maxwells12 Months Genuine Warranty with Maxwells- Produces One Image Surrounded By Four Identical Images- Images Can Be Rotated Around- Provides More Controllable Imagery- Axially And Laterally Adjustable- Fits The Cokin P Filter Holder. These identical by manipulating the filter holder. Not just like any other ordinary multi-image filters, Cokin  by rotating the holder or the filter itself. Cokin filters are  making the multiple images to take up only half the image area. To attain the true effect of this filter, lens aperture should not be stopped down too far. It Cokin PProduces One Image Surrounded By Four Identical ImagesImages Can Be Rotated AroundProvides More Controllable ImageryAxially And Laterally AdjustableFits The Cokin P Filter HolderCokin Optical Effect Filtersproduces one image surrounded by four identical imagesimages can be rotated around provides more controllable imageryaxially and laterally adjustablefits the Cokin P filter holderSpecial EffectsEffect / TypeSeriesMirrorless Cameras
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